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Okavango DeltaMombo palm islandNear Xigera, Okavango Delta
In the Okavango Delta
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A day in the life of

a cheetah

Coat of arms
Grassland hunter... on the prowl at Mombo, in Botswana's Okavango Delta. The photograph on the left, 'Coat of arms', is one of my favorites. It was my first full day on safari and my first encounter with a cheetah. And the image will be forever evocative of the African wilderness I first knew: the deep green and pale gold of the delta as lushness and dryness exist side-by-side for much of the year; and set against this background, the cheetah in classic pose on a termite mound, surveying the dry flood-plain for prey

The kill   Concealment

She flushes and quickly runs down a reedbuck, then drags it into the concealment of tall grass

On alert

Is it safe to eat here? If lion or hyena detect her, she'll surrender her kill without argument, rather than become a victim herself

All mine  All mine

She's not disturbed, and spends all day alternately eating and resting in her grassy hiding place. More cheetah stories and images can be found on these pages: Spots 'n' blotches,  Cheetah brothers,  Kwando Reserve,  the Masai Mara

Dugouts in the delta  Watching hippos  ©Judith Price  Near Xigera  Red lechwe running

A big delight in the Okavango Delta is to experience a mokoro (dugout canoe) voyage along the myriad of channels, to stop occasionally and (carefully) watch hippos in deeper water, and walk on the many islands to observe such wildlife as red lechwe

Home from the hunt

Cuddles  Sentinel wild dog  Honey badger  Giraffe

Spotted hyena, after a night's raging in the Okavango Delta; a wild dog sentinel awaiting the pack's return to the den from hunting; a young ratel, or honey badger, a blur of action as it bravely charges a safari vehicle; and a giraffe sedately moving away

Lion in the grass   Lazy day   Youth

And not far from the cheetah's hiding place, the local lions begin resting up from their own night out. An adolescent stares at the camera with youthful curiosity

Savuti Channel
North of the delta, an elephant drinks from a waterhole in the Savuti channel

Chobe River  Rush hour   Thirsty day  Bull elephant  Solitude   Call of Africa   Puku

At the Chobe River, Botswana's northern frontier, a herd of elephants joyfully ends a thirsty day; a lone bull roams; another solitary elephant takes a break in the heat of the day; an African fish eagle takes flight; and a puku, an antelope of the Kobus genus

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"Awed by jaws of death"

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Where the photos were taken Equipment used in Botswana: Pentax Spotmatic with Sigma 70-210 mf zoom, Konica Super XG 400 and Kodak Gold 400. The Maplink to the left shows where the photographs were taken. Go to the menu below for more images from Africa and elsewhere. Big cats, other predators, elephants and other herbivores all feature in the Linyanti (Botswana), Zambia, Kenya, Zimbabwe and slideshow pages


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