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South Luangwa National Park: Mwamba & Kaingo camps

Luangwa River
Luangwa River

Hippo podOxpecker attentionHippo biffoHippo biffoAshore at night
Hippo podOxpecker attentionHippo biffoHippo biffoAshore at night

Zambia's Luangwa River has one of the highest concentrations of hippo in Africa. But other wildlife in the river valley is prolific too, leading to its supporters' boast that the South Luangwa National Park is one of Africa's finest sanctuaries

*Luangwa River Setting the scene: the river, its oxbow lagoons and tributaries

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Bushbuck drinkingLagoonLuangwa RiverTsetse lagoonOxbow lagoon
Mwamba bushbuckLagoonDaybreakTsetse lagoonOxbow lagoon

*Oxbow lagoonImpala crossingLion Plain
Oxbow lagoonImpala, MwambaLion Plain

Fighting giraffe

Thornicroft's giraffe is unique to the Luangwa Valley. We saw two big males fight for mating rights in a loosely-knit herd. Click the first image below to see a slideshow of the fight

Thornicroft's giraffe

Fight prelimMale & young femalesGiraffe browsingBull portraitGiraffe crossing
Fight preliminary
Females & suitorGiraffe browsingBull portraitOn the trail

Lioness stalking Hunters and scavengers, night and day

From the big cats to the bee-eaters, in the never-ending quest for food

Buffalo huntersBuffalo hunterBuffalo hunterBuffalo hunterSolitary prowler
Buffalo huntersSeeking a targetConcentrationSights setSolitary prowler

After the huntAfter the huntLeopard hunting
Sleeping it off"Do not disturb"Leopard hunting

Female leopardLeopard with killLeopard with killSpotted hyenaCivetNile crocodile © Yvonne Milbank
LeopardLeopard & killLeopard & killSpotted hyenaCivetCrocodile © Yvonne Milbank

Scops owl White-fronted bee-eatersTawny eagleLappet-faced vultureSaddle-billed storkGrey heronYellow-billed stork
Scops owlWhite-fronted bee-eatersTawny eagleLappet-faced vultureSaddle-billed storkGrey heronYellow-billed stork

Elephant in a sunbeam © Yvonne Milbank
In the spotlight
© Yvonne Milbank

To view a slideshow of the elephants of the Kaingo-Mwamba area, click the image at right


Puku suckling Hoofs and horns

Often the hunters' prey, they're vigilant, fleet of foot, or strong in body and horn

BuffaloWatchful buffaloGreater kuduKudu- big earsMale pukuPuku suckling
BuffaloWatchful buffaloGreater kuduKudu- big earsMale pukuPuku suckling

Alert impalaAlert impala
Alert impalaNervous movement

Burchell's zebras in golden light

Warthog Cookson's wildebeestCommon waterbuck
WarthogCookson's wildebeestCommon waterbuck

Monkey business
Vervet monkey

Low rideHigh rideBushbuck & baboonsCurious youngCurious young
Chacma baboons demonstrate styles of "baby carriage". And a bushbuck and her fawn approach a baboon family on a riverbank; the curiosity of the young brings a moment of nervous interaction

Chacma baboon
Easy crossing
Easy crossing



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