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"Some people...find they need animals to look at and to learn from. They have discovered that men, not beasts, are uncivilized." Cynthia Nolan, 'One Traveller's Africa' 1965

African and Australian wildlife
and landscapes

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Cheetah crossing water
Cheetahs crossing water, Botswana
"Cheetah brothers"
Wild dog pup
Wild dog pup, Botswana
"Spots 'n' blotches"
Sunset on a salt lake
Salt lake sunset, South Australia
"Outback 3- awesome salt lakes"
Rhino Head
Rhino Head, Innes NP, South Australia
"The Bottom End"

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  • Southern hairy-nosed wombat
    Southern hairy-nosed wombat
    "The River Murray"
    Sacred kingfisher
    Major Mitchell cockatoo
    "Aussie birds"
    Storm of corellas
    A storm of Little corellas


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