Afrigalah’s misson is to introduce African wildlife to people. Since Africa is the continent with the greatest scale of wildlife diversity – there’s plenty to talk and write about. We deeply believe Africa is way more that stunning sunset photos in the savannas. And that is what we want to show you in our Blog. Our dear travelers, explorers and columnists are working very hard to deliver you the best  raw experiences they experienced during their travels.
Our articles are written according to real life experiences we got during our trips and excursions in Africa. We are trying to introduce you with different kinds of animals who live there and inhabit all parts of the wonderful continent. There is a great rate of endangered species who are simply as stunning and as beautiful as in the photos. We will lead you through our daily trips and jungle adventures. We usually do kayaking through the waters of Africa. It’s mostly in the equatorial part of the continent where it’s more suitable. We find that kind of excursions very relaxing for both our bodies and mind.

Jungle expeditions

The most spectacular animals we get to see while we’re on our visit to the Jungle. That’s where all the magnificent animals life. When you combine that with the diverse and beautiful flora you find there – the experience is complete. You must note that traveling through Jungle is not always an easy task. It’s thrilling and you should always take god care and pay attention. Potential threats and danger lie everywhere. You should never go for your first Jungle trip alone. There are many agencies and stand alone tour guides who will help you get the best of your visit. Make sure to ask them for help. You can get some very good deals if you do your research on time.